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Looking for more Skinny On Nutrition posts? Please visit my new website Millennial Nutrition! It’s got all the great nutritional information found here with a new emphasis on the millennial generation’s obsession with food.

For millennials, food is not just a means of sustenance — it’s a defining characteristic of who they are. On Millennial Nutrition, I will explore this shift in our food culture. I connect with my fellow Gen Y’ers by sharing health and nutrition tips through Instagram-worthy food pics, credible and intriguing articles, and to-the-point videos.

Topics include fun, trendy tips to stay healthy while still living the millennial lifestyle of travel, food festivals and craft beer tastings. Underneath the content of every piece lies a foundation of factual nutrition science—no diet fads or ingredient myths will be promoted here.

Can’t wait to see you over at Millennial Nutrition!



What I Ate Wednesday

Some times all you need is a little inspiration to show you that eating healthy can still be delicious. Check out my eats for the week:

{“Blanched” Green Beans: A cooking technique where you boil vegetables until they are tender, then place them in an ice bath, followed by sauteeing, grilling, or even boiling again. Using this method keeps veggies crisp rather than soggy.}

{Yummy Mexican salad with tortilla crusted tilapia from Costco, fresh salsa for dressing, Greek yogurt in place of sour cream, and a little splurge with a Corona Light.}

{A great snack for on-the-go, the creamy texture of V8 juice fills me up. I also enjoy an afternoon mocktail–pour V8 over ice in a glass, add olives and a dash of pepper. Delish!}

{Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I LOVE cereal. Instead of being tempted by sugar coated treats, go with a low-sugar, whole-grain, high-protein cereal and throw in fresh fruit to punch up the flavor. Blueberries are my favorite.}

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Fall Is Here!

Celebrate beautiful Fall produce–Check out this awesome craft my mom and I did for our Thanksgiving table!!


How to make these yourself:

  • Gather materials: beans/lentils, double-sided adhesive tape, hot glue gun, candles, a variety of pumpkins and squash, ribbon
  • Stick tape to pumpkins/squash then roll in beans. You will have to fill in the gaps where there are beans missing. It may be easier to use a hot glue gun for some designs.
  • Use tape to attach ribbon to candles. Get creative with your bows!
  • If you want, you can add some greenery or place them in baskets
After Thanksgiving, you can EAT your decorations! Talk about going green… Happy Turkey Day everyone!!